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May 10, 2021
Tax Briefing(s)

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May 10- Virginia Corporations are receiving a notice regarding filing a special Unitary tax report.  We mailed out today instrucitons on what you need to do with this on May 10.  Be on the lookout for our mailing.


Yes, we can do taxes by Zoom. Let us know if you want to meet "Face to Face" and we can arrange the Zoom call.


The IRS has postponed the INDIVIDUAL 1040 filing date until May 17th. The 1st quarter Fed Estimated 2021 tax payment is still due April 15th.  Corporate returns are still due April 15.

On March 11 Maryland announced they will postpone most filing dates to July 15, 2021.  Includes corporate, partnership and individual returns AND 2021 estimated payments .

Virginia Individual returns are now due May 17th.  Estimates still due May 3.

DC, Calif and NY have also pushed their individual filing dates back to May 17th but kept their estimates due April 15th.  Most other states still have an April 15th due date for the first quarter 2021 estimated tax payment.

On March 3 2021 the SBA changed the rules for PPP loans to the self-employed. You can now use gross income from your Schedule C instead of net income. Because of this, the application process has ground to a near stop as the lenders have to change their forms.

And, effective March 31, the deadline for PPP applications has been extended to May 31, 2021.  There is still time.

Virginia will allow $100,000 of expenses paid with PPP funds to be deductible for VA state tax purposes on 2020 tax returns.  PPP loan amounts over $100,000 will be taxable on Virginia returns. 

Feb 2021- There are now two sets of PPP loans available. If you did not do a first draw PPP, you still can through May 31. You do not have to show any reduction in income to qualify for the PPP loan first draw.

If you did do the first PPP, then the second draw (PPP2) is now open. The rules are similar to the original PPP but you need to have incurred a reduction in revenue of at least 25% when comparing a quarter in 2020 vs. the same quarter in 2019.  You only need one quarter with the reduction to qualify for the PPP2.  This is free money, and if you have been hit hard by the pandemic and are trying to keep your employees employed, then you should seriously consider applying.  Patrick Nix, CPA, in our office is our PPP expert, and you can contact him at

Details of the PPP and PPP2 programs can be found in the Info Center tab above (or via the dropdown menu if accessing our website with a mobile device).

If you have a Schedule C Sole Proprietorship that had net income in 2019 you qualify for the PPP first draw. It is real easy and you can get 20.8% of your 2019 net income up to $20,833. This is TAX FREE money. Apply through your bank by May 31, 2021.

The new law is also supposed to give us an easier forgiveness application for those loans less than $150,000.  Those forms will probably be out mid January. 

There are also $600 stimulus checks to be issued under the new law.  Remember that if you did not get the original $1,200 check or you don't receive this $600 you still have a chance to get it on your 2020 income tax returns.  If your income qualifies you and if you haven't received the payments, you can take the amounts as a refundable credit on your 2020 tax returns.  YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU RECEIVED A STIMULUS PAYMENT FOR YOUR 2020 TAX RETURN PREPARATION. YOU CAN CHECK USING THE IRS WEBITE https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

This link will give you the issuance status of the first and second stimulus payments. However, if you need to get the dollar amounts, you have to click through and set up an account with the IRS.  You will need a few sources of identification to prove yourself. For tax return prep purposes, we will need to know the dollar amounts you received, including payments received in 2021. Note that some of the payments are sent out as debit cards and look like junk mail. Be careful not to throw them away.

CORONAVIRUS ALERT-WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH OUR NORMAL HOURS (8-5 Mon-Fri). MASKS ARE REQUIRED. HOWEVER, WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DROP-OFF, MAIL, EMAIL OR UPLOAD YOUR TAX INFORMATION TO US.  WE WILL CALL TO GO OVER THE DATA WITH YOU AND DISCUSS WHAT MIGHT BE MISSING OR PLANNING IDEAS. Your can use the File Share box at the bottom of this page to upload your documents to us safely. When using File Share, click on the cloud with the up arrow to upload files.

More tax law changes are here! (when will it ever stop?)

The rules for IRAs and company retirement plans have changed (Dec 2019) with the passage of the SECURE Act that will allow you to wait until age 72 before you have to start taking IRA distributions, and will allow IRA contributions up to age 72 also. All starting in 2020. But, it will not allow you to stretch the distributions for your heirs. The person inheriting your retirement account may have to pull it all out within 10 years. 

Have huge capital gains?  You have up to 180 days to completely shelter those gains using an investment in a Qualified Opportunity Zone.  Ask us about QOZs.

Use our secure portal to upload your data and documents to us. It's safe (fully encrypted) and easy.  Click on the File Share box at the bottom of this page.

The Corporate income tax rate is now 21%.

The Federal Estate Tax exclusion jumps to over $11 million a person. But some states, such as Maryland and DC still have much lower thresholds for when the estate tax starts.  The annual gift tax exclusion amount goes is $15,000. 

Virginia is moving towards almost all payments to the state having to be electronic.  For businesses, everything has to be paid electronically, and individuals with high Virginia estimated payments must pay electronically.  You can make these payments through the VA Dept of Taxation web site. (https://tax.virginia.gov/).

You can upload your investment information directly into your tax return by using our Intuit Link system.  Let us know that you want to have your interest, dividends and stock sales imported directly in, and we will send you an invite to register with Intuit and select the accounts you want to upload. 

Starting a business?  We can help. Generally we recommend that most businesses start as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). If there is only one owner, it will be a single member LLC and the income and expenses will just be reported on the owner's tax returns.  If there is more than one owner, the LLC will be taxed as a partnership and will file a partnership income tax return.  The entity itself does not pay income taxes, in that the income flows through to the owners on their tax returns. 

The LLC form of business helps protect you from legal liability if done correctly.  Most businesses can benefit from that, especially high risk activities such as real estate (rentals, construction and flipping), restaurants and services.

LLCs generally have to register with the State and you want to obtain a Federal Employer ID number (EIN) from the IRS.  That way you do not need to use your Social Security Number.

The IRS does NOT call you to say they are suing you, taking you to court or demanding you make a payment to them today.  These are scams. The IRS warns that there are now scam IRS CP-2000 notices (tax adjustments) being emailed out. The IRS also does NOT send out emails regarding a tax refunds or rebates or request that you set up a PIN number in order to get your refund. These are phishing schemes and phone scams, and you should not respond to them and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER click on a link from one of those emails. Never make a payment to the I.R.S., in that all payments to the government are paid to the U.S. Treasury.  If your notice or call says anything different, it is fake. PLEASE REPORT THESE TO http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/contact_report_scam.shtml 

A wonderful video on this is


Setting up a 529 Plan for your kids or grandchildren?  While there is not a Federal tax deduction, there are state tax deductions available if set up with your state of residence or its approved plan.  You can maximize your state tax deductions by splitting the accounts between husband and wife (Virginia) or by the different type of plans (Maryland). 

Virginia Employers, including individuals with rental properties, must file a BPOL license with their county or city by March 1.  Landlords with properties in DC must file a Franchise Tax return. Every jurisdiction has its own rules on this. Fairfax County requires a business license if you rent three or more residential properties or one commercial property.

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